Wednesday, 8 June 2011

2 years

Let me introduce you to the most amazing person in my life today:

The boy on the right - my current boyfriend, Nathan.
Many of you will have heard me mention him before, maybe in my videos, blogs, or even just in passing.
But there is a reason to mention him so often.
He has changed my life.

Tomorrow, we will have been together for 2 years. 2 precious years, full of lifes ups and downs and challenges and obstacles that we have had to overcome together.
Most of them have been to do with me - my illness, and my deterioration into depression last year.
And he never moved from my side once.
I pushed him away while I was ill. I told him he didn't need me. I told him he was better off without me.
And he didn't even stir.
And for that, I thank him and appreciate him more then any human being on the planet.
So many people would have walked away at the first signs of madness.
Not him.

I respect him so much. For everything that he is, his kindness, honesty and commitment to our relationship.
I love the security he provides me - his arms are a safe haven, a shelter, a protective layer from all the harm that lies in the world. He eliminates my anxiety.
I admire the fact he is a police officer in East London. A job which isn't easy. In a place, which lets face it has probably one of the highest crime rates in the UK. And of course, I worry.
I lay awake worrying, about where he could be, who he could be arresting, what certain criminals he has to deal with.
But at the same time I feel nothing but admiration and pride.

He is inspiring to all. He represents everything a young man should be.
I consistantly have to prove to other women that men are not always the same. The same liers, cheaters and idiots that they are constantly made out to be. And why?
Because I have found one who isn't like that.

He liked me, before I even knew who he was. He knew he was going to get me, no matter what it took.
His determination, in that respect, I even admire.
We are members of each others families.
And of course who could forget all the little private jokes we have, that nobody could understand.
We do everything together - and we support each other through the hard times.

And after 2 years, I can say I love him and respect him more then ever before.
Thank you, Nathan. I love you :)

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  1. This was so lovely top read, I am so pleased for you both,xxx