Saturday, 18 June 2011

I really need to do more with myself sometimes...

And not just sit around and contemplate and leave myself to overthink things.
It then gets me into this little state that I am currently in.

I need AAB for University. When and how on earth did I think I would ever get that? What twat inside my head told me that City University was a good idea?
I need to literally work my butt off.
But anorexia is creeping up.
My mother is being so triggering at the moment, and my weight gain is hideous.
And I am not ready to start coming off this Prozac yet.

I can tell already that this blog is not going to be coherant whatsoever.


  1. Am here for you if you need me sweetie, your weight gain is in no way hideous, it shows that you're moving forward to becoming healthier. You are beautiful inside and out, always remember that <3

  2. Oh my love, you'll be alright. Don't let anyone feel like you don't deserve to move on. There are gonna be people there who will be there for you through the good times and the bad times supporting you. Weight gain is a positive thing & shouldn't be frowned upon. Love you lots bubs and you're doing amazingly well x