Friday, 10 June 2011

Why today...and awesome...

Recently I stumbled across a video of a wonderful YouTuber who I watch daily called NerdzRL - who vlogs her life everyday, and has the most amazing attitude and personality towards life. Thanks to her, I was introduced to this:

This book is written by the wonderful Neil Pasricha. After experiencing a lot of hardship in his life, the breakdown of his marriage and his best friends suicide, he went on to produce the following blog, attempting to take his mind off things:

Here, he documents all the small things in life that make us smile everyday, that we take for granted.
The blog became a huge success, and therefore a book was adapted, and there has recently also been a second book.

I admire Neil Pasricha.
He kept his head high, way above water when life appeared to be failing him.
I think we can all take something from this man. A snippet of inspiration. To keep our heads high.
We take the smallest things for granted everyday, and we never realise it.
So here in this blog, I am going to document awesome things about my day too. No matter how small or insignificant they are. Something that is going to make me smile and make me feel better about my day, even when I feel life is being the biggest pain in the backside.
I urge you all to buy 'The Book of Awesome' and check out the blog also. It is, in fact, awesome.

Changing the subject slightly, I have received my first piece of work for the new term via email.
Okay, not exactly, although I have been told what my work entails when I return.
I have to make a project about Eating Disorders, and the media, for Psychology - which involves a 10 minute presentation with a group.
Which, I think in ways - maybe last year, if I had been asked to do this topic, I would have freaked out.
But now, I am ready to educate, voice my views and teach people something.

If anybody does have any opinions of Eating Disorders and the Media, and how the Media (if at all) affect Eating Disorders, please write your comments below. I would be really interested to see what you guys think.

Awesome thing/s of the day:
Catching up with old friends for coffee who you haven't seen in so long! (yes Sana I mean you)
Sitting inside whilst it is bucketing down with rain outside and hearing the rain patting against your window.
Knowing that there are people in your life who are genuinly honest, nice people, who care.

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  1. My girlfriend gave me The Book of Awesome as a gift, and it was such a fun read. I read most of it aloud to my sister or whomever was around when I happened to be looking at the entries. It's really something that needs to be shared! The Book just exudes positivity, I couldn't keep it to myself nor did I want to - it made me want to stop isolating and get out to have all those little awesome experiences. It makes you conscious of all the great little things you should be focusing on in life, especially when the big picture seems overwhelming or you tend to focus on the negatives. I've thought about purchasing the second book and might go for it now you've made me remember how brilliant the first one made me feel!

    I love that you're posting the awesome parts of your day. Stay positive! xx