Saturday, 11 June 2011

Wreck this journal!

Awesome thing/s of the day:
Receiving four page handwritten letters of encouragement and hope from the most wonderful people (love you Hannah)
Finding out that one your boyfriends old form tutor/and a current year 12 form tutor in my school is moving into your building! Most awesome neighbour ever!
Having fun with my Wreck this Journal - see above video :)

I am attempting to relax this weekend.
Have been feeling very sickly and anxious all day.
It calmed down a little when Nathan arrived, but aside from that the anxiety kicked in.
So I took matters into my own hands and did something to make me feel better. Hence where the 'Wreck this Journal' idea came in.

I first mentioned my Wreck this Journal in 'my Toolbox' video on YouTube - and appear to have inspired many others to also purchase one.
The 'Wreck this Journal' is a method of encouragement to let feelings and emotions out.
The saying goes 'to create is to destroy'
The book is for anybody who has trouble keeping journals to vent out emotion. The idea is to experiment, get creative and just have fun with the ideas presented to you within the book.

'Take this book in the shower with you' - is certainly an inventive way to wreck the journal as far as I was concerned.
These ideas and many more all appear within the book.
It is also for people who are neat freaks (like me) - who can't stand uncleanliness and likes to keep their books all neat and arranged. Not anymore!

Hopefully I will keep getting creative and create something I am going to be proud of.

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