Sunday, 24 July 2011

Depression is not a lifestyle choice

There has been some terrible things across the news this week. The deaths of 92 (and set to rise) innocent victims of the Norway massacre, together with the death of Amy Winehouse.

I am shocked and quite distressed, if I am honest by both of these tragedies. I am also appauled at some of the publics reaction, displayed across twitter and other social networking sites, how we shouldn't care about Amy Winehouse as 'she brought it on herself' and the Norway victims were 'innocent'.
I actually had an argument over Facebook last night with a person trying to dismiss my point that depression, something that Amy clearly suffered from, was a lifestyle choice. That because she was addicted to drugs, she deserved to die. These types of comments have actually disgusted me and I am here to completly stand up for myself when I say this.

Amys death is an example of someones life being cruelly absorbed by the demon that is drug addiction. A psychological issue which affects mainly and yet continuously get judged by society. Why else would Amy have turned to drugs - if she was not suffering from deep psychological distress? How possibly could Amy have wanted to have lived a life of drug and alcohol addiction? Nobody wants a life like that, and nobody chooses it.

I certainly did not wake up one morning and decide to be depressed. Why would I? I was a fairly intelligent girl, with an amazing boyfriend and to other people it appeared to be a lot to live for. I didn't choose depression, depression chose me. Amy Winehouse was a girl with a fantastic talent, but it appeared that depression and the demons of the addictive personality she possessed chose her.
Why would I have chosen to have taken 6 months out of my passion - education, for no reason. Telling people to 'chin up' doesn't help either, people think we choose this lifestyle for ourselves and that it is something we can easily just snap out of. You really think I wanted to spend every day taking pills to stabalise my mood? You really think I wanted to attend hospital appointments once sometimes twice a week? You really think I wanted to start abusing the one person who means the absolute world to me?
No. Of course not.

Yes, of course the tragedy in Norway is devestating. I have shed many tears over the mass loss of life and send my utmost prayers to the country. However, saying that one load of deaths should triumph another just because one was 'supposedly brought on themselves' is unacceptable.
Death is death. Tragic in whatever way, shape, or form you look at it. Both of the incidents that have occured this weekend deserve the same amount of respect as each other. The deaths this weekend show you the cruelness of mankind, the cruelness of mental illness, and the cruelness of the general public for reacting this way. Absolutely nobody this weekend chose what they have been subjected to today.

If people were more widely educated about these illnesses, maybe this stigma wouldn't take place as much as it does.

RIP to the victims of Norway, and the talented Amy Winehouse.

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  1. I totally agree. Thanks for having the courage to speak out on a controversial topic. -Lisa