Saturday, 2 July 2011

Things that are exciting, and daunting...


  1. I know you know this...
    But you know how I feel.
    I feel your ED is something you struggle to accept and therefore work on and the fact you are already discussing 1000 cal work out classes and toning up is why I was worried.
    But, you want this, and that is what matters.
    Just take care <3

  2. Amy, congrats on getting through so far in the competition. It happened because you are lovely and because you have so many people in your life who find you to be beautiful too. I certainly think you are. Your tone in this post worries me a bit... it takes a certain mindset to be involved in modeling and if you don't have it (yet), perhaps it's best to take some precautions and make sure you are your strongest self. "Not going back to you anorexia per se" is an unsettling statement and while I know you aren't saying you are leaping into unhealthy behaviors or anything, you aren't displaying a recovery mindset either.

    I care about you and am taking a big-sisterly approach I suppose, because I get worried. Being in this competition was supposed to improve your self-esteem and empower if it isn't, please step away.

    Love to you!

  3. Amy hon I have to echo Rachel and Arielle's concerns -

    It worries me that you felt inclined to do 1000 cal workout, particularly after you just cited you mum as a trigger.
    And more than that "not going back to anorexia per se" is terrifying it implies youre considering allowing yourself to engage in some unhealthy behaviours and you're worth more than that.

    I know this may read as overwhelming given that three of us have highlighted the same points more or less, but please know this isnt about you being attacked, we write these concerns because we care for you and want good things for you.

    The next modelling is an awesome opportunity and a great accomplishment and I understand you wanting to have those experiences. But at the same time if being in that competition and in that world even for a short time is going to undermine your recovery in any way then its not worth it.

    This is totally your life and your decision I guess I just want to urge you that if you are going to do this then you seek out some form of support be it friend, family member, professional who can hold you accountable for your behaviours and give you space to talk things out.
    Just be careful Amy. Love you chick
    Tracey xxx