Sunday, 4 September 2011

I need some advice!

Okay, so after successfully fucking up everything regarding university, I now have to reapply.

I received an email a few days ago from UCAS track stating that something had changed on my application - when I went to go and check, my insurance conditional offer to Westminster University had been rejected. After ringing Westminster, UCAS, and then City, it turns out that because I didn't achieve the grades this year - my places were to be declined. I hadn't been told this from UCAS that my grades were to be met THIS year - and was upset because I had wrote to the universities to tell them the issue with my depression/anorexia etc and they deferred my entry to 2012. I assumed they would know I wasn't going to be taking the exams this year! So now, I have to reapply.

Anyway, after a lot of tears I came to a conclusion that since I had been having second thoughts about my choice anyway it was okay. Everything happens for a reason I guess! I'd been debating about whether to study English Literature instead anyway - but I love them both and just simply cannot decide between the two. I narrowed my choices down to 5 possible avenues I can take - I just need your advice on what you think would be the best idea for me?

1) To study Psychology with English Literature at the University of East London. Now I love these two subjects equally and can't choose between them, hence why I am desperate to study them both. However, the only university in London offering this course is UEL, which doesn't have very good ratings and is not very good quite frankly as far as I am aware. Plus I think they would require low grades from me - I am predicted A*/A/B I think. The only other way I can study a joint honours in Psychology and English Literature is to move out, which I can't do on account of money and Nathan. If I could I would go to Bath Spa as they offer the course, (plus I love Bath) but it's just not possible.

2) To study Psychology with counselling skills/theory - at a university in London - so the psychology course is a bit more narrowed down more to what I want to do. I firstly wanted as a career to embark into the mental health profession - but am still not sure it's right for me regarding how I am right now!

3) To study English Literature - obviously you know that I love English Literature - and would consider it as more of a passion then Psychology as far as my childhood is concerned. I am just worried regarding English Literature of job prospects, I would be choosing English Literature as something I love rather then considering it as a career - I wouldn't know my career prospects regarding taking it for university. My best friend Jade as I have mentioned previously studies English Literature at Warwick (she is crazy about literature, as am I) and loves it and is trying to help me decide - but I am still stuck.

4) To stick with my original choice of choosing City University as my firm and Westminster as my insurance, to study Psychology - I will need AAB for City and ABB for Westminster. I loved City during the open day - hence my firm choice, however AAB seems a tiny bit out of my depths considering I could possibly relapse, and all possible other factors that could enable me to fail, basically.

5) Or to just study Psychology on its own at whatever university in London.
I have no idea what to do with my life at all right now! Making decisions regarding your future is so hard - especially as the time off from Sixth Form allowed me to reimburse passions in my life I never thought I ever had making this decision even tougher!
What do you guys think?


  1. Hm, you have to choose what option lifts your heart most babe, unfortunately nobody can tell you what to do.. the great thing is that you have these options - as you love literature i would consider doing psych and literature but the psych with counselling sounds good and more foucssed on what you want - also you can still work on literature in your own time - and even take night courses after your degree. you need to make sure that your not putting too much stress on yourself with university and depression/ed . . . if you LOVE english lit, go for it! you can always go into teaching? seems a good idea to keep options open at the moment so i would probably to something that allows me to do both <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I reckon go with your gut. I had no idea what i wanted to do (job wise) so i just chose subjects that i enjoyed. If you're that passionate about something, then things will fall into place. I know with psych at least, you really do have to be in the right head-space (that and it is insanely competitive here, not sure about where you are though). That being said, psych does have very clear job prospects and if that's something important for you then maybe go for that?
    I'm also in a similar dilemma (in terms of choosing post-grad), i love Environmental Management AND Psychology, but the job prospects for env management are quite limited(ie. I don't want to end up working for the govt). For me, having a stable and clear job at the end is something i value, so i've had to take that into account and accept that while env management is a HUGE passion of mine, it might just have to take the back burner for now.
    I guess point being, yes weigh up what you enjoy, but also take into account what you value in terms of a job type/setting. A job in English lit will be very different to a job in psychology....
    Another thing to think about; is it possible to do an English Lit undergrad (thus allowing yourself time to focus on getting yourself healthy) and then do some sort of psychology/counselling/clinical post-grad? Just a thought
    One other thing to think about is the weight university names hold. I only really know NZ where all our universities are somewhat equal...If you did a double major at East London (you say it's not as high ranking), would that really affect your job prospects?
    Hope that helps a little bit?

  3. Perhaps it would be better to apply after you have got your results and know your grades? There's no rush, you may feel like you need to hurry up and apply but it's much better to make an informed, well thought out decision instead of picking a course hastily and regretting it. For all you know you may do better than expected and be eligible for unis such as Kings / UCL. Have you considered any unis that are not that far from London?

    Also from a money perspective, if your parents earn less that £25 grand a year you will be eligible for a lot more loan/ grants than the average student - would this be a possibility? Because then maybe you could move out?

    There are a huge amount of job prospects for English, you don't just have to become a journalist or a teacher. I applied this year for English after switching unis and will be starting in Sept at UCL, so let me know if you have any questions about personal statements, courses etc. and I'll pm you my email!

  4. Yes I think the sound of the psychology and literature one sounds like it would suit your interests and talents,
    And yes I know u'd like to counsel...but you can always do that after you've obtained your degree in psych and literature, i think that degree would allow you to study what you want to study and same time leave your options open.