Sunday, 27 May 2012

Gypsy parties and reflections!

So, my Friday night was occupied celebrating my very good friend Charlottes 18th birthday, gypsy style!

With more photos to come in due course!

After that drama of Friday night this weekend I have been busily preparing for the exams.

We break up for study leave on Wednesday and, I will finally be leaving the school, for good.
Some people have mixed emotions about leaving, but honestly, I cannot wait to be gone.
For me, my school has been associated with bad memories, which are not the schools fault but are of the fault of people I have met and classed as 'friends' over the years. I was bullied in the school years 7-9, and obviously my anorexia and self-injury accompanied that.
Then you have all of the issues that arose in Sixth Form. Being a year behind probably has induced my wanting to leave so badly, because I have been at the school for longer than most people.
I have had so many good times in the school too, but I am definitely ready to leave and pack my bags. It is a brilliant place to be educated for the most part and has some phenomenal teachers, especially in the English Literature department. The majority of the English Literature department saved me when I needed them the most and acted as my strengths and inspirations to carry on despite my depression. And I will be telling them this throughout this week.
In regards to the people I have become friends with, there are certain people I will miss, including the girls in the photos above.
But over the years I have learnt not to trust, and not to get too close, as I always appear to be stabbed in the back (and this has been gathered from older friendships in the school) and of course only being in this new year group for a year I think it will be a lot easier for me leaving than most people.
I will most certainly miss the English Literature teachers, and a few select others, but other than that? I'm ready. Ready to move on into University. Ready to continue my education and achieve a degree. Ready to move forward into my relationship with Nathan, get married, and live my life with him in tow. Ready to move on from the past, from the guilt with Mrs Smith, and from all the people that did me wrong.
Hence why I am working so so hard to achieve these grades to get there.

Slight lie up there, I am going to miss my form, for making me smile everyday. This was no doubt the best form I have been in out of the three - and although we all had completely different personalities we always had the best chats and managed to have a right laugh. So 13O, you will be missed!

So, goodbye Chingford School, I suppose. It was lovely knowing you.

But I need to move on. And I am excited :)

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