Monday, 14 May 2012

A little fed up of people thinking that because they have no exams they have the right to irritate, annoy and continuously distract me whilst I am trying to revise for the 7 that I have.
Unfortunately, telling said people to shut up doesn't work, so if any physical violence occurs within the next month, do not hold me accountable. You have been warned.

It's been a panicky day today. Been struggling to breathe all day and have felt very faint. It reached a stage where I was looking at my Media notes for tomorrows exam so much that everything was just a blur.
Went to sit in Mr Belas room at lunchtime to get away from the noisy surroundings of the Sixth Form area, and work for a while, and surprise surprise, I ended up breaking down and crying. Again.
Managed to get one final practice essay done period 5 and that's it - no more media essays until tomorrows exam. I have done so much practice for this one that any more is not going to change things - about 5 section A papers and about 3/4 section B papers. Just a bit of touching up and refreshing on my case-study this evening, in bed by 10, and I will be prepared. I hope.

My medication isn't being taken at the proper times at the moment which I know isn't helpful. Sometimes I just go days without the Prozac without even meaning to, and I can clearly see it sitting on the kitchen side waiting for me to take. I reckon a few propanolols for the daytime, with one before the exam will help ease this nasty anxious feeling in my gut.

Going to try and make my media teachers proud of me tomorrow, past and present.

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