Thursday, 7 June 2012

NerdsRL and the impact she has made on my life

Clearly, this week has been one for recognising those inspirational figures who mean something or who have inspired me to change the way I currently live my life. This Thursday, I am going to speak about a YouTube video blogger, whose channel is called 'NerdsRL'.

'NerdsRL', whose real name is Cassandra, video blogs her life every single day, of which she edits and places on YouTube. Sounds pretty boring, right?
That's where you are wrong. Cassie has one of the most eccentric, vibrant personalities I have seen and is a person who hasn't let anything get in the way of her dream. She has wanted to work in stunts since she was 8 years old and over the couple of years I have been watching her videos I have watched and admired her determination to do so, as well as setting personal goals for herself throughout life.

Cassie is another person who doesn't take life for granted and makes the most of every second, and I tend to be coming across many of these people recently. It sends these positive messages for me to do exactly the same, especially after my exams are finished. She has such a bubbly, friendly personality and is another inspirational person I am adding to my list.

Below I am going to include her recent video, which just happens to be her '1000th video', where she made a montage of her life over the time she has been making videos on YouTube. To see the progress she has made in her life and the dreams she has succeeded is phenomenal, and I have to admit, I was crying, a hell of a lot!
I would love to have the opportunity to meet Cassie one day, as she has been slowly but surely encouraging me to live life with no regrets, never being afraid to do things and do what I want to do, regardless.

Please, please watch this video, and be inspired. Thank you!

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