Monday, 4 June 2012

PLEASE READ THIS - and donate to the beautiful Jessi!

I am privileged enough to know some wonderful and inspiring people but this girl by far is right up there on the top ten list.

Jessi Parrott. Her twitter can be found here:!/messijessijumps

And this is her special Walking by 2013 blog:

I know Jessi through a wonderful friend of mine, Jade, and cannot wait to meet her once exams are finished. Jessi suffers from Cerebral Palsy and has had to use an electric wheelchair for most of her life. Despite this, she is this year teaching herself how to walk again, with the aid of her family and close friends. Her aim is to walk onto stage to collect her degree at her graduation from Warwick University. She is currently documenting her journey on her blog which I have linked above.

Despite all of this inspiration and courageousness, she is also aiming to raise £2013.00 for the charity Starlight, who helped Jessi in her time of need by providing her with utmost support and enabling her wish to come true to meet her idol, Keira Knightley, which turned her life around and enabled her to want to pursue her dreams of walking again.
Starlight grant wishes for seriously ill children and in Jessi's case this was no exception. Starlight changed Jessi's world and she wants to be able to give back the support that they gave to her.

Jessi is one of the most inspirational people I have come across in life and am yet to have met. She is so selfless and puts everyone before herself and inspires me to live life with no regrets and appreciate and enjoy life. She is beautiful and an absolute sweetheart (and happens to also be studying for an English Literature degree which of course is the best degree in the world!)

So please, please, donate, to help Jessi's dream come true, and to allow her to be able to grant wishes to other seriously ill children across the country. I would very much appreciate it if everyone of my followers were to donate, especially if you are as touched as I am by this wonderful and inspiring story.

We are all behind you 100% Jessi, and we know you can do it!

Please donate!

Follow the link below and change Jessi's life:

Thank you!

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