Sunday, 1 July 2012

Race for Life 2012!

So today I took part in my second Race for Life with my best friend, Grace.

Was once more an amazing day and so inspiring, wonderful and touching!

There were over 9,500 people at this event, which is actually so hard to imagine. It just proves how many people have been affected by cancer, or want to work to fight it. There was just pink, everywhere! Which was even more insane. There were even dogs wearing pink collars!
And to know there are probably the same amount of people at the many other events in the UK just shows the importance of the Race for Life and the importance of Cancer Research UK.

Unfortunately I was freezing my arse off in this as it was a windy day!

My best friend dressed up as a pirate!
Just a few of the people at the race ^
Proudly displaying the new R4L t-shirts, which have on them every single persons name who is taking part in that particular race! I just had to buy one!

 My best friend and I with our medals at the end! ^

It was an amazing day as always and I ran in memory of my Uncle Ivan (9th January 2010), my Uncle Seamus (3rd March 2012) and everyone who has been affected by cancer, those who did/didn't make it and those who are still fighting. 

I urge you guys, my wonderful followers, to still keep sponsoring me - it would mean the world to me if you guys clicked on this link and help to fight cancer across the UK. We all know someone who has had cancer, or someone who knows someone who has had it or has lost a life to cancer. I know I certainly have. Just this week I have heard of two more tragic passings from this illness. We need to keep fighting, keep donating, and keep making a difference. Hence why you guys should click on this link and sponsor me:

Thank you guys - I love you all and please donate! Any amount of money counts!

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