Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Gorgeous shouldn't be drop dead - petition

Am here today to speak about a wonderful book blogger, who has recently started campaigning to fortify the level of education given to students about eating disorders in schools.

Cino, whose book vlog you can find here:, struggles to a strong degree with anorexia nervosa, and her campaign is one that needs to be addressed. Too many people, especially young teenagers, use the phrase 'nothing tastes as good as skinny feels', to which Cino made a very powerful and emotive response to on her tumblr page, which I strongly recommend you read:

Knowing full well myself the struggles I have been through as an anorexic, it really does kill me to see young girls still emulating the so called 'anorexic lifestyle'. For some reason they seem to think this shit is a trend, something cool and fashionable. It's a disease, and it ruins everything. And you have my 100% honest truth, here as someone who has been there and lived through it, beginning from the age of 12.

Cino, is such an inspirational lady in my eyes and I would do anything to enable her to make a swift recovery from this awful illness, which I know isn't easy, but she has the strength to do so, and I know she can. If you want to support Cino and the work that she does, please sign this petition to help stop other young girls from getting into the positions that I myself and Cino have encountered.

Please sign this petition: - and once more I thank you guys for your continuous support.

And just a note to the darling Cino - am here for you whenever you need me. Promise you that.

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