Sunday, 19 August 2012

So, I got into University!

So on Thursday I received the dreaded A-level exam results, all of which had been providing me with nausea and sickness for at least a week! Luckily and very proudly however, I received the grades A, B, B, with my A in English Literature and my B's in Psychology and Media Studies.

Could I have done better, of course. But I'm so incredibly proud, considering everything I went through, to get those grades. Considering my teacher taught us the wrong part of the syllabus for Psychology and we ended up having to take 2 Psychology exams in June. All the pressure was there. My illness was still there, still lurking. And I did it, I got through it, and I got into University.

After a very hectic morning with a few tears (my Mum started crying when I opened the envelope), I got accepted into my firm choice university, Kingston University, and had to spend the whole morning organising documentation and deposits and things.

I guess I wasn't really excited about moving out before. The reasons why I decided to move out were personal to me, and were for me, necessary, I needed this change in my life to conclude that I had really moved on from all the shit that had happened and was starting a new life. As soon as Kingston was confirmed, however, I was buzzing, I couldn't stop smiling and I couldn't keep still! And I think I've stayed like that throughout.

I move in on the 12th of September, which is in only three weeks time. Considering I didn't think I was going to be starting until October this is extremely soon! But with the excitement I have right now, the sooner the better I'd say. I have three weeks, to get packing and get everything together as there is a LOT I need to bring. And that's on top of work too, which luckily they haven't given me as much overtime as usual so I can focus on planning to move out.

The question I get asked the most is about Nathan, and what I'm going to do about him. Of course, the hardest part of this all will be living away from him. But when you've been with someone for so long, coping for long periods apart need'nt be an issue. I'm going to be back home a lot, and he's going to be visiting me too, and obviously he works a lot anyway so the time I really do get to spend with him is precious even when I am at home. He means the world to me and I'd never have eyes for anyone else, if that's what you are all getting at. We're going to work through it. Plus he may have moved out by the time I finish University too, so he may not be living at home!

So where am I going to be living? Kingston-Upon-Thames, which is a beautiful and glorious location in Surrey. I visited there on Friday and it literally has everything I could dream of. It's the perfect place for me and I'm very excited to be living there! Here, as always, are a few pics :)

The Bentall Centre, the MASSIVE shopping centre. There are also plenty of shops throughout the town too.

This is on campus in the John Galsworthy building, the newest addition to Kingston. This is where I will be doing a lot of my lectures.

Clayhill Halls of Residence, where I am going to be living for first year!

The beautiful river, which I now have the joy of living so close to!

That's just a few pictures of this gorgeous town. But when I move in I am sure I will have plenty more.

My life has been moving so quickly, as soon as I left Sixth Form I got a job, and now not long after I got into University and am moving out in three weeks. Which is slightly stressful for me but also incredibly exciting and it's also amazing how much my life is changing for the better. I officially left my Sixth Form on Thursday after an incredibly tough three years and I couldn't be happier to say that I have finally left the past and the bad memories behind and am moving forward with my life. It's a very refreshing feeling, for the most part. And it really just proves how far I have come in my recovery, and if I can be standing in this position of happiness then I know that you all can.

I will be updating you throughout my journey, of course, but for now, I GOT INTO UNIVERSITY! :)

Thanks for never giving up on me, I love you all.


  1. Firstly, congratulations (again) on your results, Amy.

    You're going to be starting on a new chapter of your life and I'm really going to be looking forward to hearing about how you're going on.

    It's said that "a change is as good as a rest". I hope this is going to be the same for you.

    As for you and Nathan, I'm sure that everything will be fantastic. You've been together through the hard times and, as you say, there have been periods when you've been apart for a while due to the needs of his job, so that's got to be a firm bedrock for moving forward in your relationship in the good times to come.

    Take care of yourself, my friend, and don't be a stranger. Good things happen to good people and you're one of the best!!!

    Lots of love.

  2. Yay!! So well done Amy, I am made up for you!

    This victory is all the more sweet, given what you've been through

    I wish you every success and happiness on this next stage of your life, I've no doubt you will have a great career in college and of course don't forget to have lots of fun, you deserve it

    Your relationship with Nathan sounds very solid so I'm sure you guys will get through not seeing each other so much

    I love that your blog is so positive, there is so much negativity on the net and reading your positivity and hope gives me hope for my future. It's my dream to go to university but I know I'm not ready yet, maybe someday.

    Take good care of you x