Thursday, 15 November 2012


I have many questions to present to the world this evening, with one of them being;
Why do we always choose to focus on the negatives in life instead of concentrating on what is great about it?

And it's a valid question, really.
And the only logical answer I could come up with today, pondering about on my day off, was that it's easier, to feel negative. It's easier for us to look at the negative aspects of life as more often than not, they are right infront of us. Take the news for example, always bombarding us with horrific stories of murder, the latest political crisis, how much in depth into the recession we are, rising unemployment figures, and more.

And when you see it through that perspective, it's so easy to criticise life instead of appreciate it. I have realised recently that I waste so much of my energy on moaning about stupid things that yes, are irritating, but I guess are not trivial to what life is really about.

Last week, my boyfriend and I decided to go for a brisk walk into central London, we both had a day off and it gave him an excuse to play about with his brand new camera. Living in London my whole life, the scenes were not new to me, I was used to seeing Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the like. But this time I guess it felt different, the beauty of my city was captured through my eyes for the first time.

I appreciated the smaller things I never really did before. Squirrels crawling up my leg in St James Park. Watching the Remembrance Sunday rehearsal procession take place. Seeing the Covent Garden Christmas tree sparkling in all of its glory. And in those moments, nothing else really mattered. I was with the man I love in one of the most stunning and beautiful cities in the world, just walking and taking it all in. It made the hustle and bustle of coming home during rush hour not really matter too much anymore. The occasional rudeness of a commuter rushing along to his next meeting just flew over my head, as it were. And I felt utterly, and truly grateful.

Tonight, I went onto Twitter and asked my amazing followers what they were grateful for, and got some great responses. Friends, family, pets, recovery, coffee, clean bedrooms were just amongst a few of the responses I got. And it really made me smile. There's so much in this world that we need to appreciate and take advantage of, and that walk across Central London last week just enhanced how grateful I was to live in the capital city that is London, and take FULL advantage of it.

It's the small things in life, sometimes, that make the biggest difference. And I guess when 2013 comes around, I'm going to do my best to appreciate everything around me and make the best out of everything. We only have one life after all.

I'm going to be speaking more about what I am grateful for in my next video for YouTube, which will hopefully be filmed and uploaded to my channel this weekend. But this blog post I hope captures the message of being grateful, and what it means to be grateful in this day and age.

I'd love it if you could leave your comments below about what YOU are grateful for. It would make me and many others, smile.
And with my latte, I bid you goodnight!


  1. I'm appreciative of my friends and family as they are the ones who pick me up when I fall down, cheer me up when I need it and celebrate the good times with me.

    I've said to a few friends that I've made since I started blogging that the making of friends probably... no definitely... the best thing of this whole "adventure".

    Great post and enjoy your latte... another thing that I'm grateful for... Gingerbread Lattes. (Goes into trance) LOL

  2. Haha love how you ended your writing with saying goodnight and drinking coffee :) Good woman!
    I think the way you've approached this blog post is just wonderful. I'm glad to read such a beautiful post of positivity.. It's contagious :) Xx