Thursday, 13 December 2012

Sad news, and good news!

So another member of my Mums side of the family has been diagnosed with cancer.

This man is my Mum's cousin, and as I have no first cousins on my Mum's side of the family, I've always been closest to my second and third cousins, and great aunts and uncles as opposed to immediate relatives. So of course, finding out this news has been a little weird on the old heartstrings.
His father, my great uncle, we lost to prostate cancer over 2 years ago now. His sister, died suddenly from unexplained causes 3 years ago. Luckily his mother, my Nan's very nutty sister whom I love to pieces, is still alive and I go and visit them alongside my Nan and occasionally my Mum about three times a year. These are the people I grew up with since birth, the first ever people who came to visit me after I was born, and the people I spent my Christmas' with before my step-father came into the equation. So it's quite difficult in a way, seeing that aspect of my life slowly being taken away from me. I feel incredibly sorry for my poor great aunt, now having lost her husband and daughter and perhaps at some stage her son. I'm close to my great aunt and I love her dearly, and having to see her at said relatives funerals has been one of the most painful things I've seen.

I don't have much family, but the family I do have, especially the blood-related family, as there isn't much anymore, I appreciate and look back on the memories of childhood that I shared with them. You can't choose your family, at the end of the day. Am wishing my cousin all the success in the world with his treatment if he chooses to accept it (he is, like many people I know - as stubborn as a mule!).

On a much happier note, I've had a lovely few days off, going shopping on both days with Nathan, to Oxford Street and Stratford Westfield. I love Christmas shopping, and I feel that this year I've done extremely well with my gifts, especially in regard to my family. Whilst what my Christmas entails due to my working hours still lies in the balance, I am as always thoroughly looking forward to spending another Christmas with my family and extended family. Also seeing some good friends who are home from University! Nathan also had some fantastic news today regarding his job - more to come when it's all finalised but things on the whole are looking up!

In other good news, I've officially enrolled for my new degree with the Open University in Psychology. The decisions regarding my choice are entirely personal and required much thought and consideration, but I am so completely ready to get my head stuck back into studying and working hard, and having a focus once more. I begin in February, so it's very soon!
Am looking forward to 2013! I'm going to be very soon making some, not resolutions as such but small goals of things I want to do/achieve by the end of next year. I have so many thoughts and ambitions of what I want to do and get done and succeed in - and will very soon be sharing those with you all. 2012 has been an up and down year, better than the last three for sure, but up and down. I want to bring in and live through the new year in complete happiness. I hope I can make that happen!

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