Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Charity and fundraising promotion :)

I guess you could argue that 2013 isn't exactly kicking off the way I wanted it to.

But there's always time for change and improvement, right? Work issues, confidence issues, and as of today driving issues have really knocked me down, you could say. Also not feeling too well physically either - had a headache and earache and issues with sinuses for about 3 days now. As always, I know I'll come back fighting.

I'm here today to talk with you all about a counselling programme that those who live in the Port/Chester area may be interested in. Kel O'Neill is a good friend of mine who now a fully-trained counsellor and is offering her private practice services to anyone struggling with a wide variety of issues, from eating disorders to depression, to bullying and bereavement.

I met Kel during my role as a 'WeRFreEDomFighter' for a collaborative YouTube channel working to raise Eating Disorder awareness and can honestly say she is a kind-hearted and wonderful lady who has achieved so much. As well as working in private practice she has experience in working as a private counsellor for the NHS and is a member of the BACP.

If you are reading this and are interested in the services that Kel has to offer, we'd both really appreciate it if you contacted her via her website which you can find here:

In other promotional news, a lovely friend of mine called Emma and her friend Nay are currently needing all the sponsorship they can get as they are planning to trek across Iceland for the eating disorder charity Beat! As you can imagine, this is an incredible feat and with that they would like plenty of sponsorship, so please sponsor either Emma: or Nay: - by clicking the links I have just posted!

I think that's all my promotional work done for the day, so have a good one!

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