Thursday, 27 June 2013

BodyGossips #BodyLove flashmob - it's tomorrow!

A lot of you will know that this year I became an ambassador for the charity BodyGossip - a charity that is run by two inspirational ladies Ruth Rogers and Natasha Devon, which aims to get the whole of the UK - and the world, embracing and loving our bodies and taking a stand against insecurities and self-hatred.

BodyGossip runs a programme called Gossip School, where the ladies go into schools and teach young people of all ages, from school right through to University, about having a positive body image. We also sell books and t-shirts - click here to see and buy them! 

This charity is something that I certainly wished had existed when I was in the depths of an eating disorder during my teens and earlier this year I applied to become an ambassador in an attempt to help the charity spread the word about positive body image and as we like to say 'rocking your own brand of gorgeousness'!

TOMORROW - we are hosting the #BodyLove Flashmob - down at Londons South Bank.
What is the flashmob all about? It's simple, we're gathering as many people as possible from all across the UK of all shapes, sizes, ages, races to fight back against the ever so powerful messages we are often faced with from our media, that we're not good enough or need to look a certain way to be beautiful. We are simply saying that we are proud to be who we are, and are proud to look the way that we do.

How can you get involved? - If you're a Londoner or have easy access to London, get to the Southbank Centre in London a little before 1pm, so you can grab one of our BodyGossip love hearts and write what you love about your body in big bold letters on the heart. At 1pm, we're all going to be standing and posing with our hearts for three minutes - we're going to be papped by the national press which is quite exciting!

If you don't live in London, don't fret! You can download a #BodyLove heart here and upload it to Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #BodyLove. Host your own flashmob at your school, workplace, college or university - download the hearts online and gather to hold them in the air at 1pm. You can participate in the Flashmob wherever you are in the UK! This is an event for anyone who has a body. And that's everyone!

I'm really looking forward to seeing some of you there and also to meet Ruth and Natasha themselves, as well as some of our other amazing ambassadors! 

Love you all - let's rock our own brand of gorgeousness tomorrow!

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