Monday, 1 July 2013


Now is time to blog about Friday's fantastic flashmob which took place outside the Southbank Centre in Central London.

You guys all know that I became an ambassador for BodyGossip this year after admiring the campaign and the work that Natasha Devon and Ruth Rogers have put in for years now. Attending this flashmob meant the world to me and I'm so glad I did.

If you don't know much about BodyGossip, before you read this post I'd strongly urge you to watch this:

Here are some of the pictures from the event:

The gorgeous girls from Curvy Kate proudly displaying their hearts, and a little furry friend got involved too!

Ambassadors hard at work cutting out hearts - truly wonderful ladies!

Myself and one of the founders of BodyGossip - Ruth Rogers, an amazing lady who I feel privileged to have now met!

The amazing flashmob itself!

Me with my beautiful and inspiring friend Kat :)

BG Ambassadors - (from L to R) Jackie Tanner, myself, Kat Cormack, Nikki Grahame, Jasmine Waters, Ellis Spicer and the one and only Ruth Rogers!

Nikki Grahame and I :)

With three lovely friends Ellis and Devika!

Another excellent photo of the Flashmob in full swing!

Overall, the event was a major success, despite the rain (which luckily stopped three minutes before the flashmob!)  We're all totally gutted that co-founder Natasha Devon was unable to attend due to being in hospital the night before and we missed her tons, but I really hope we made her all extremely proud!
One of the things I loved the most about the event was getting to speak to strangers walking the Southbank about the campaign and the work that we do - many loved the idea and the concept and vowed to visit our website and some even took part in the Flashmob themselves which felt fantastic - it really felt like we were making a huge difference.

I got to meet some inspiring individuals, Ruth of course being one of them but my fellow ambassadors who I went for lunch with afterwards and had interesting and in-depth conversations which really inspired me in many different ways.

It really did feel like a huge political statement, with a huge variety of different people (and even dogs!), of all shapes and sizes and ages, from all walks of life uniting to celebrating parts of their body that they loved. Too many individuals are quick to judge which parts of their body that they don't like, myself included. More recently however I have become more self-accepting and am slowly understanding that I can only build myself a better relationship with my body if I allow myself to - so am starting to listen to my boyfriend and those around me when they compliment me or highlight what they love. And working alongside this campaign has certainly helped with that. I now firmly believe that we all need to rock our own version of beauty and take a stand against body and fat/skinny shaming and insecurities. And I'm getting there, thanks to BodyGossip, and this event was just the kick that I needed for me to start building a better relationship with my body. 

I'd love to thank Ruth Rogers and Natasha Devon, two huge inspirations of mine, for allowing this acceptance of myself to become possible. And if I can install more confidence in others lacking in it about themselves and their bodies like they have done, I can safely say I've done something right.

Please check out the website here at and remember to be-YOU-tiful!

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  1. I LOVE this, so so so so much. I wish there was more activity about this here in America, I would love to go to something like this. And kudos to the ladies in their undies out in the rain, I can only imagine. Thanks for telling us all about this!