Saturday, 4 January 2014


It's the forth day into a brand new year and I've already learnt a few things.

I've taken inspiration from the people around me that are happy - I've written a letter to someone to re-kindle a past feud and lay things to rest - I've got back in touch with friends who I haven't spoken to in a while - I've already applied for some volunteering work, worked 3 full days already, and learnt that I shouldn't need to feel the need to say no to something just because it goes out of my comfort zone. (I still haven't finished my dratted essay though - that is to come!)

I've also realised how much we occupy ourselves by numbers. New Years Eve reminded me of that. I took an early night and attempted to sleep, my head under the covers shuddering about each bang that reminded me that new year was upon us. But what is a new year? It's the end of 365 days and the beginning of a new day. As I read on a friends Facebook page the other day: 'a year is only a year because of the way the calender is made' - an example being that if the year was only 100 days long, would we have more opportunities for fresh starts, and making resolutions? Likewise, if the year was 1000 days long, would we have less chances to start over? (credits go to Emma Duffy for this analogy here) Of course not. It's never to late to change things and start over - if you have a vision and a goal in mind then it's possible to do so on any day, as every day is just like any other day, where we still have night and day, 24 hours within it, waking up, going to sleep and all of the normal everyday routines. Nothing around you really changes when a new year approaches - it's you that has to make the change and that can happen at any time.

I'm already feeling the pressures to be perfect in the new year and I know that I'm not alone - yet I worry more as to why I feel the way that I do! We tend to sum up our years, for example 2012 was a great year, 2010 wasn't, and vice versa, but there's also nothing wrong with saying 'well 2011 was a bit crappy, but in the latter half I made some changes and it ended up being fucking fabulous'. I guess that version is more truthful, in a weird sort of way. It records the ups, downs and changes one makes in life and that's all a year is - just life.

I find it interesting as a literature student that the power of numbers are slowly starting to overrule the power of words. I witness more and more people defining themselves by numbers - that their age is too old or their BMI is too high. When all your age and BMI are are numbers. That do not define your worth or attainment as an individual. Similarly in the year 2014, just because it's a new year it doesn't mean you have to transition into a perfect person. The fact that it's 2014 means nothing. It's just another number and another 365 days, 8760 hours. Sure, set yourself goals and tasks to do but if they don't work out, it's okay. Life is all about learning and transitioning as an individual. It's okay if you fuck things up. You'd never learn otherwise.

I do think that now is the time for me to go with the flow and live in the now. If you're invited to somewhere, go. Try to always keep smiling. Plan ahead of course but not excruciatingly. Don't live life defined by anyone but yourself. Only you can define yourself, so do it well and be the best version of YOU (and no-one else) not just in 2014 but for all the remaining time we have left.

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